Navy Commission

I created this portrait of fourteen navy lieutenants and sub-lieutenants by cutting each subject’s individual portrait from photos. Each silhouette was then scanned and arranged as depicted in the above image. Every team member then received a printed and framed copy to keep along with their own original hand-cut silhouette as a momento of their time working together. Below is the client’s response to the finished piece:

Hi Alison! Just got home and received the pictures, they’re fantastic, thank you so much! Really beautiful and everyone is over the moon. We’re all particularly impressed with the skill it must take to cut so finely, and we love our individual silhouettes.
It’s been an absolute pleasure dealing with you, and I am positive I will be in touch again in the future. Wish me luck, I am going to Antarctica for 4 months next week!
Kind regards,
Jon Edmonds


About silhouetteart

I perform the traditional art of silhouette portrait cutting at parties and events across England and Europe
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