The Royal Wedding Silhouette Mug

Mclaggan Smith commissioned me to cut the silhouettes of Kate and William for their mug design to commemorate the upcoming royal wedding. You can order one on their website:


About silhouetteart

I perform the traditional art of silhouette portrait cutting at parties and events across England and Europe
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2 Responses to The Royal Wedding Silhouette Mug

  1. Cindi Rose says:

    Allison, you do beautiful work, I have cut sihouettes in England,and would love to meet you one day. I have done them since the very late 60’s, and I know you, too, come from a portrait and paper-cutting family. Check out my website, it is not where I want it, but slowly, it is looking more like me. If you have a job you can not take, please consider me, I would fly out at my own expense, to just cut abroad again,and you could take a commission. Fellow, happy cutter, Cindi Harwood Rose.

    • Hi Cindi,
      Thanks for getting in touch, it’s always good to discover a fellow silhouettist as there are so few of us nowadays! I’ll definitely let enquirers know that you are interested in taking a booking in England, I’m sure there will be some takers! Of course it would be great to meet some time and swap silhouette cutting stories 🙂

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