Silhouettes of characters for iBook

I interpreted the characters from the iBook ‘Mexico City: Mini-Stories’ into silhouettes which were used to illustrate each chapter. Follow this link to the promo video:

10505422_359588694251370_4757628702521013001_n 11046586_338213713055535_6621451122830273450_n 11050863_359587960918110_6362211583758774519_n 11083829_352617388281834_8510245082235932812_n 11096476_352620868281486_1244045795162490720_n 11113773_359592310917675_4764456726669146628_n 11156254_359591720917734_7400437500656232178_n 11193274_359589460917960_891645721347785019_n 11403162_388482221362017_2057678147074643292_n


About silhouetteart

I perform the traditional art of silhouette portrait cutting at parties and events across England and Europe
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