The purpose of this blog is to enable you to keep track of what I’ve been up to in the world of silhouette cutting. Hopefully this will demonstrate just how diverse the traditional art form of silhouette cutting has become since it’s original purpose as a substitute for the yet to be invented camera. The ‘snap shot’ of it’s time during the Georgian period, silhouettes went out of fashion with the invention of photography towards the end of the Victorian era. I hope to  highlight the many ways that silhouette art has been adapted and adopted for use in our modern culture. As a form of graphic art silhouettes are undeniably back in style. From posters, adverts and flyers to book covers, packaging and general illustration, silhouettes are everywhere. Their bold, linear effect is simple and direct and can be easily and effectively reproduced. On the entertainment front, I actually  make my living from cutting out profile portraits live at parties and events. They are quick to produce leaving guests with a highly personal lasting memento of a special occasion. Guests can hardly believe that it’s possible when they see their essence captured in a single free-hand cut line created right then and there. This is due to the fact that we are now so accustomed to having everything produced using digital technology which makes hand-made experiences all the more novel and precious! Long live hand-made silhouettes!


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