This Gallery is composed of all the creative mediums that I like to indulge in. I have been established as a silhouette artist for ten years now but I find that my love of portrait sketching has always complimented my scissor skills by enhancing my ability to perceive character and proportion more accurately. Drawing allows me to explore portraiture on a deeper level and I have more recently progressed into the world of paint where I am just scratching the surface only to discover the possibilities are absolutely limitless!

At university I studied illustration but my nature always brought me back to portraiture even whilst on the course. We were very free to choose which direction our creativity would develope and I did a series of tiny etchings which I have added a few samples of to this gallery. I have also created several portraits in clay which could be of interest to some.

I discovered mosaic later down the line which I appreciate for completely different reasons to my portraiture work. I like the community aspect of it. Also it forces me to loosen up a little as mosaic requires lots of smashing and clipping of tile and smothering of gloopy cement. A step away from accurate representation, this tactile medium is more about colour, texture and pattern. I use it to bring people together, especially those who may not think of themselves as particularly creative.


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