3 Mosaic

I first became interested in mosaic art when I did a short course with Emma Biggs at the Mosaic Studio, Holloway, in 2006. I then discovered the charity organisation Southbank Mosaics masterminded by David Toothill and have been volunteering with them ever since. I like the way that the medium of mosaic lends itself so generously to the values of community art, each participant contributing their unique bit to the unity of the whole.

Over the past few years I have created many community mosaics with children in London and on my travels in various countries around the world.

I facilitated a large mosaic mural for Brecknock primary school (I was a pupil there myself many years ago!) The whole project took 15 days to complete and every child from year six all the way down to nursery participated in the creation. The channel four news reader Jon Snow was present to unveil the art work. He even wrote about the experience on his blog describing the mosaic as a thing of ‘soul, outreach and inclusion’. That the whole intention behind the project was so visually evident made me very proud!

Here’s a video link of the progression of the project:


Article about the mosaic in the Camden New Journal

The grand unveiling of the big mosaic project we worked on for six weeks. Jon Snow was present to do the honour.

Every child in the school from age four to eleven had a turn in helping to create this wonderful piece of community art.

Jon Snow was doing the year six leaving presentations just like he did when I left Brecknock 21 years ago!


2 Responses to 3 Mosaic

  1. Jane says:

    Hi Alison,
    Great work really like your style and philosophy. I am a keen ‘mosaic-er’ myself and have completed several short courses. I am looking around for any short term projects I might be able to support over the summer period to expand my skills (particularly on installing larger scale work) and make a positive contribution. I am based in the Midlands. Do you have any projects in the pipeline on which you might appreciate some assistance?

    • Hi Jane,

      Thanks for getting in touch. I’ve only done one project since my son was born just over two years ago. I found it quite difficult to organise with toddler en tow. I may go back to mosaicing in the future but for now you should get in touch with Southbank Mosaics who are a charity/community organisation based in London Waterloo. They have plenty of projects constantly on the go and are always open to volunteers. Good luck, Alison

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