2 Portraiture


Life Drawing

Apart from the monkey sketch and the baby painting and etchings, all of the portraits above have been created from life. The challenge of capturing a person’s essence in a drawn portrait is something that has interested me all my life. Communicating the uniqueness of each and every one of us in a visual image is something of magic to me. If you would like me to create a portrait of you or a loved one, just get in touch. It would be my pleasure!


Above are a set of etchings I created at University. These etchings are tiny, the actual size of the baby portrait measures 5cm x 6.5cm. To create these portraits I coated a metal plate in a hard wax and etched into the surface with the head of a fine neadle. Then the plate is placed in an acid bath and the acid eats a groove into the metal where the wax has been scratched off by the head of the needle. The next step is to remove the plate from the acid, remove the wax from the plate and then coat the plate with a special ink that is rubbed into the grooves which were created by the acid. Then the surface of the plate is wiped clean and the plate is then put through a press creating an imprint of the etched design from the plate onto paper. It’s a very old fashioned and exciting process as the effect of the exact impression of the plate on paper is always a surprise, even to the artist!


Painting is a new venture for me, one that I am currently enthralled with. I have the honour of sharing a studio in London Bridge with a highly talented member of the Royal Society of Portrait Painters, Anastasia Pollard.


 I created these four life size heads in clay during evening classes at the Art Academy in London Bridge. Recreating the contours of the face in three dimensions has affected aspects of the way I perceive profiles when cutting silhouettes. 


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