I am often hired to cut silhouette portraits live of guests at a variety of events such as charity balls, award ceremonies, anniversary parties, weddings, barmitzvahs, festivals, trade fairs. In fact, over the past ten years it has become the main way that I earn my living. The nature of the style of this work requires that I travel to venues all around London and England. I sometimes even get called abroad. Below is a summery of some of the more notable venues I have performed at:

  • Emirates Palace (Abu Dhabi)
  • Royal Courts of Justice
  • St Pauls Cathedral
  • Tower of London
  • Royal Academy of Art
  • St James Palace
  • National Portrait Gallery
  • Arsenal Football Club
  • Royal Ascot

People often ask me ‘Have you ever done anyone famous?’ Here’s a list of some of the more memorable celebrities and well known public figures that I have silhouetted:

  • Princess Anne
  • Singer Shirley Bassey
  • Politician Michael Portillo
  • Footballer Graeme Le Saux
  • Celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsay
  • TV Presenter Jonathan Ross
  • Actress Linda Robson
  • Celebrity Artist Rolf Harris

Many people have never even heard of silhouette portraits which makes the experience of having their very own one cut for them right then and there all the more exciting and impressive. It really is an experience that people will remember and leaves them with a personal keepsake which they can take home and frame.

The cards that the silhouettes are mounted on to can also be custom printed which is one step further in helping to commemorate the occasion.


2 Responses to Events

  1. Emmanuelle says:

    Hello Alison,

    We met you 3 or 4 years ago at the Holy trinity Brook green Christmas fair (Hammersmtih) and you did a beautiful portrait of our daughter.
    Since then, I have been thinking that we could do a beautiful baby announcement card with your silhouettes.
    I am expecting my third child, and I would love to have a portrait of my daughter ( 5 years old) and my son ( 3), we would add a small phot of the baby.
    Will you attend any public event in the next month were we could see you?
    It would be wonderful.
    thank you very much,


    • Hi Emmanuelle,

      I am busy with many private engagements but my next public event is not until the 14th of July, I’ll be cutting silhouettes down on the South bank as part of the Bastille day celebrations. If you are not able to find me there another option is to email a side view photograph and I can cut the silhouette using the photo as reference. My email address is:

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