This page is dedicated to all the praise and positive feedback I’ve received for my silhouette work over the year. It’s comprised of  thank you letters, blog reviews/recommendations, website links, and video footage. It’s the kind of stuff I’d like to add to my website but don’t have time to update regularly enough.

If a picture speaks a thousand words, then a video must speak a billion. This is a really cute little atmospheric video made by Suffoca who saw me working cutting silhouettes at the Georgian themed event at the Southwark Playhouse in London Bridge: http://suffoca.com/blog/videos/masked/

Here’s some more footage of me at work combined with an interview. It’s a documentary made by film and media students Upneet Kaur-Nagpal, Alasdair Bayne and Juan Pablo Samiento: http://www.youtube.com/user/boarderbayne#p/u/2/Tnoy3BbdzLY

Most famous quote from when I cut Jonathan Ross’ silhouette:

‘She is astounding! Truly Fantastic!’

Jonathan Ross


Below is a wonderful review written about me on www.Yelp.co.uk taken from: http://www.yelp.co.uk/biz/alison-russell-london#hrid:rXkD-Llo_8oH9BCH8IDvVw/src:search/query:alison%20russell%20silhouette%20artist

He gave me five stars! ***** That is a serious compliment!

“I had never seen anything like this at an event before!  I looked over and saw people getting silhouettes handed to them in cards and moved in to see what was going on.  Alison can cut a silhouette of you, freehand with just scissors, and they were spot-on!
The event I went to had some fun entertainment walking around and engaging with the guests, and this was certainly a unique offering to have an artist mingling around that can offer up personalized mementos to make the evening more memorable.
I chatted with her briefly and she said she picked up the art from her grandmother and does all sorts of events, from weddings to holiday & corporate parties.  Check out her website, if you book her at your next party, your guests will be impressed!  I certainly was!”



This company scouts out novel ideas for weddings and lists them on their website at: http://www.yayido.co.uk/http://www.yayido.co.uk/ I was head hunted and featured.

The Wedding Community featured me as ‘Product of the Week’!http://theweddingcommunityblog.wordpress.com/

Here’s a lovely post about me on Get-Knotted’s blog: http://www.get-knotted.net/blog/

Vintage is in at the moment which is good news for silhouettists. Being in the trend means more coverage on things like wedding planner’s blogs. Here are a few I’ve come across recently:





For all vintage lovers who can speak French: http://perlesduweb.canalblog.com/

This lady is a creative cake designer: http://restorationcake.blogspot.com/2010_02_01_archive.html

This lady saw me at an event and blogged about me: http://cremedelatrend.blogspot.com/

Snippets from some of the thank you emails I’ve received:

‘From the moment we met Alison we just knew we wanted to have her cut silhouettes at our wedding, she was truly amazing!’

Venetia & Richard


“It was a pleasure to have Alison at our function, she delighted our guests with her amazing, true to life silhouettes. Everyone is still talking about her great skill and I would truly recommend her as a fantastic asset to any function.”

Siobhan Reddy, Howard de Walden Estates Limited


“Well, what a brilliant impact you had on both us and all of our guests!  Actually having you there and seeing and hearing peoples responses exceeded our expectations completely (although of course we had absolute faith in you!). In hindsight the only thing we would have done differently would be to have hired you for longer so you could’ve got round everyone without your fingers falling off!

I passed your details on to a couple of people who asked so I hope you get some bookings off the back of that.

It is such an amazing skill you have, we wish you every success in the future.

Kindest regards,”
Lucy and Ian


‘Alison was so friendly and professional and her work is simply amazing, just incredible!’

‘I can’t believe it’s for real. I have to keep getting it out and looking at it to check that it’s still there!

It’s the most beautiful thing anyone ever did for me!’

Rachel and Ross and a quote from one of their guests


“I have to say, the acts were both fantastic. They captured our guest’s attention and wowed them with their talent. Both of them worked really hard, and even as Alison was leaving, guests were still coming up – thanking her for her work. If we need of a magician and/or a silhouette artist for a future event, we’ll be sure to look you up for Alison and Christopher.”

BT client feedback through Contraband agency from gig at the British Telecom Tower 


“Alison is at the top of my list for recommendations. She is truly brilliant. She cut silhouettes at my wedding and they were a great talking point of the day. People were stumbling to have their silhouette done. We have since framed the ones she did of our nieces and they are beautiful.

She also cut silhouettes at our company staff day out which was held at The Royal Opera House. Again, her impact was fantastic and, as at the wedding, everyone had a memory to take home from the day.

Alison is very well presented, talented, diplomatic, socially able and always very charming to have at an event. What she possesses is a very special talent. I have witnessed other silhouettists  and they just don’t hit the mark that Alison does.

Thank you Alison for adding something brilliantly original to both events.”

Annabel Westendarp


“Just a quick note to say thank you for your help on saturday at our summer party, your silhouettes were hugely popular and added a unique twist to the usual entertainments. Thank you again.”

Claire Pople Lexicon Partners


“Thank you very much for attending our wedding and for your work on our special day. It was amazing and brilliant. Everyone was fascinated with your work, – real treasures.”

Sue & Sid Cartwright


“A big THANK YOU for such a lovely silhouette of our son Jason. Alison made a great job of it, we are both so pleased. It’s in pride of place on our fireplace. Please send our message of thanks.”

Linda & Bob Moss


“Thank you for your efforts on sunday, all enjoyed the silhouette experience. Abigail and Anthony now have many happy memories of the day.”

Angela White


“Well, what can I say? You were brilliant!

I am so pleased we chose you to help make our anniversary party so

People were absolutely amazed by your talent and skill (not to
mention just how great you were with the guests and of course the children).

The silhouettes in the bespoke cards were excellent mementos for our
guests and of course for us, as the cuttings of Oliver, Julian and
Lara were really wonderful. Funnily enough, notwithstanding videos
and pcitures, they will probably exist as the most poignant reminder of
our day in the years to come.

I dearly hope we find another occasion to use you and hopefully it
will be before our 20th anniversary!

Rest assured, I will make it my single minded objective to pass your
details on to everyone I know thinking of having a party.

Thanks for your skill and professionalism.

Kindest regards”


Anthony D’Souza
Head of Programme Office


“We were completely blown away at how brilliant Alison was and for me (apart from being married of course) it was such a highlight to the wedding day. Everyone I spoke to was just wowed by Alisons skill with the scissors and I know that the silhouette she made of myself and Harley will be on our wall in pride of place and will be cherished forever.

 Please pass on our big thanks to Alison for working so hard and being so brilliant. I hope she enjoyed the day and that she didn’t get hounded too much by guests wanting their silhouettes cut!!!

 Thanks again for being so helpful before hand and I will definitely be recommending yourself and Alison for any friends parties, weddings etc.”

Private client


“The skill and speed with which Alison Russell executed her silhouettes was admired by almost all of our guests. There is no doubt that this was a far more refined and impressive spectacle than the cariacaturist we were thinking of employing, and this says nothing of the uncanny accuracy of her work. She is a whirling dervish with scissors and card, and the end state is still on display on the walls and mantlepieces of our guests! Many thanks indeed for a memorable introduction to silhouettes.”

 Lt Adam Schindler, British Royal Army 


Thanks so much for your amazing cutwork at our reception on Saturday. Michael and I had an amazing day and part of that was down to you….You truly are as good as your reviews make out. As working designers my friends and I have become quite complacent when it comes to talented artists/designers but you really ‘Wow’ed us. It is refreshing to know we can still feel amazed. I’m sure my friends are going to be asking for your number.”
Dominique Coiffait



1 Response to Testimonials

  1. Janice McCord says:

    Years ago I invited your Grandmother, Mary Lou,come to my shoppe during a Christmas Open House and cut silhouettes for the customers, she was a delight to have. She stayed as a guest at our home for two nites during the open house and we got to be friends. My husand and I visited your Grandmother and Grandfather any time that we were their direction and purchased Bed and Breakfast Gift certificates for our employees one year to stay at your Grandparents place as Christmas Gifts. I still have the silhouettes she did for my husband and I while staying with us. Its really fantastic to see you carry on this amazing talent, I admire your devotion to such a wonderful art. Your Grandmother was a lovely lady.

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