More than any other type of function, I love working at weddings! I always feal extra appreciated and it’s such an honour to be part of the happy couple’s most special celebration of their unity. Many couples research, deliberate and plan for months and months to do their best to ensure that their wedding day will be as special as they can possibly make it. So when they choose me to be a part of such a special occasion, I really take it as an honourable compliment! Plus it means I get to visit some of the most stunning venues in the most beautiful parts of England and hang out with families looking lovely in their best outfits and in the mood for a joyful celebration. What a pleasure!


Many couples choose to make a feature of the silhouette theme by having their portraits printed onto their wedding stationary. I have recently collaberated with Gianine from Lovely Favours who has designed a silhouette range due to be featured on her website shortly.

If you are considering having me cut silhouettes of you and your guests at your wedding reception and would like to see some testimonials from past clients please visit the ‘testimonials’ page under the ‘about’ section on the menu bar or simply click here:

Theme the whole wedding with silhouettes from the invitations, table plans, live entertainment/personal keepsakes, right down to the intricate design of your wedding cake!  Below is an example of how the cake design can be customised to match your wedding colour scheme and include your silhouette portraits in icing. For enquiries contact:


2 Responses to Weddings

  1. Cara hale says:

    Absolutely fallen in love with this for my wedding next October! Would you travel to eltham palace? Is there any further information I should know of any packages thanks so much

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